Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Estate Closing Nightmares

HGTV warns consumers about closing nightmares
HGTV's program "Front Door" lists what it says are the "Top 10 Real Estate Nightmares"
According to the show, home buyers and sellers should be aware of:
1. Stigmatized properties: homes with a past can be good deals... or not...
2. Uninspected homes. Properties should always be inspected
3. Showing shockers. Some homes have been prepped for showing
4. Home owner associations. Some rules can be too restrictive.
5. Neighbor Nuisances. Talk to people in the neighborhood before buying.
6. Financing. Talk to more than one lender about financing.
7. Short Sales. Make sure your realtor is experienced in these kinds of transactions.
8. Unwelcome Guests. Be careful of squatters living in foreclosed houses.
9. Bad Agents. Do some research before deciding who to work with.
10. Closing. Surprises at closing delay deals. Make sure documents are reviewed in advance.

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